I refurbish laptops - specializing in Dells and early model IBM Thinkpads. Located in central NJ.

In February 2018, I purchased a used Lenovo 3000 Y410 by mistake. It had 4 GB of RAM but neither a hard drive nor an AC adapter. Fortunately, I had a spare SATA laptop hard drive. I purchased a 3rd-party non-OEM AC adapter on eBay and a Windows 10 Pro license on eBay. The Windows 10 installation went well. For a 10-year old laptop, Windows 10 runs pretty well on it.

In December 2017, I purchased a used Dell Latitude 2120 on eBay. Windows 7 Professional was already installed on the laptop even though the auction stated that there wasn't an OS. The Certificate of Authenticity was for Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, so that is the operating system that I installed on the laptop.

In November 2017, I purchased a used Dell Latitude 2110 on eBay. It came with an operating system. The hard drive made clicking sounds and sounded suspect. I disassembled the laptop and replaced the hard drive with another old laptop hard drive. I then installed Windows 7 Pro SP1 on the hard drive. The laptop is good for basic tasks such as surfing the internet and writing emails and checking in on Facebook.

If you need to install an operating system on a Dell Latitude L400 or Dell Latitude C400, contact me. I have the proprietary cable and CD drive required to install Windows or Linux on these laptops.


Dell Latitude L400 BIOS update instructions using just the CDROM drive. The CDROM drive cannot be one that is connected to the USB port; it must be one that is connected to the L400's IDE connector for external media bay via Dell's proprietary cable. I bought the media cable on eBay. The CDROM drive can be any CDROM drive from the Dell Latitude C-series of laptops.